Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 6 and 7: 30/30

Day 7 challenge piece: 30/30

sketch Calaveras River
Probably the best piece of advice that I have read in a book recently is this: your painting concerns are really only of concern to you. That bit of wisdom also includes the notion that your friends and family love you and will be sympathetic to you if you are struggling with your art (and also supportive when you are doing well) but that they really don't have a vested interest in your day-to-day art related issues. In other words, don't take yourself too seriously!

The above piece was completed today and is part of the 30/30 challenge this month for January. The sketch is also from today so as far as I am concerned, that is two efforts which makes up for the lack of posting yesterday! I am a bit on the fence about this piece but even if I am not in love yet, consider this an invitation for a second date. The biggest excitement for me is the extreme simplification of the landscape. Through my reading, I came across the work of Etel Adnan (thank you Randall!) and everything that I have been struggling with for the past several months kind of just fell away. When I examine things, it's simply a lack of confidence in what I can do currently. I love simple shapes and simple work. But it isn't just the simplicity of something. Etel Adnan's work is smart, very smart, and when you start to analyze it, there is much there that is very sophisticated. While I don't have her color sense, I do have my own color sense; my own ideas of what is right and wrong. I have my own ideas about how to absorb and respond to the environment through color and the distillation of details. Seeing her work is encouraging and gives me confidence to move forward. 

OK, see how my concerns are actually my concerns??? LOL!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  1. So I hate to comment on anything because I am not sure what you are saying...not my concern???
    LOL... But is it okay to say to say I like the abstract stuff?


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