Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Work: The new Normal 2 and Thoughts on Color

The New Normal 2
acrylic on wc paper image size 10.5" x 13.5" matted to 14" x 18"
One of the reasons I stopped painting architectural pieces was because of having to manage the straight lines. Using contractor's tape helps but I still find the tediousness of the process frustrating at times.

For the above piece I used a similar idea to the first piece seen here. I like both outcomes which are slightly different from one another. It's funny but even though I use the same 9 or so tubes of paint to mix all of my colors I often feel like I never get the same color twice. There is quite a bit of variation even though the tubes of paints are limited. 

I have started re-reading Betty Edwards's book on color. Last night I read the section on color harmony which was sort of short. She talks about the three attributes of color: hue, chroma and value.  She suggested that for each hue selected, several chroma and value levels of that hue could be included in your piece. Additionally she mentioned also hue relationships: analogous, complimentary, etc.  Finally she mentioned adding an additional color to the scheme for surprise and variety. 

Color is so tough. I respect the fact that everyone sees it differently and that each person will have their own ideas about what constitutes color harmony. Formulas and plans work but with an underlying caveat: proportion is the driving force behind what works, at least for me. I find that I am happiest when chroma is kept in check perhaps with only a few small areas highlighted. I like value shifts and a greater range of values, possibly 4-5 but no more. And I am partial to some color combinations that most reflect my environment: red- oranges and blue-greens plus golden yellows and violet blues. These are just preferences for now. The possibilities are endless and can be fun to explore so long as it doesn't hurt my brain:)

OK, hope everyone is having a good week so far. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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