Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Work and Toby The Cat

Melones Summer 2-9" x 12"acrylic on wc paper matted to 12" x 16"

Toby The Cat is such a helper!

The above piece was finished yesterday. I am learning more about color relationships with each piece that I do. The idea of stretching the boundaries of what constitutes a particular hue is something that I am interested in learning more about. In particular, there is a lot of give and take within each hue. For this piece I started with the idea of blue-green and red-orange. I then dialed inward from those colors on the color wheel and added some yellow green and yellow orange colors. There is no pure color here-all colors are a mix of the three primaries. I inadvertently got some interesting joinings with some of the shapes but it's OK. There is such a lot to keep track of: temperature, value, saturation and any color relationships, such as analogous or complimentary, that you are pursuing. The results are almost always a surprise to me. The one thing I have noticed is that some artists that I admire play fast and loose with "the rules." I can really only guess at some of the thinking that was involved in their pieces. Milton Avery in particular has many pieces that are fun to dissect. And while I have mixed feelings about the above work, I really like the muted colors. They somehow make me think "Old California" which is something that appeals to me. I would also add that my color choices (a pseudo mash up of expressionist/impressionist tendencies???) all come from somewhere. Typically they reference some aspect of my immediate environment: dirt, hills, grasses, mountains, etc. All of the colors have some sort of a basis in fact. How I put them together and choose what color to represent what is another matter. It's almost always how I "feel" about something that I saw.

The rain has started in earnest now. It was so windy yesterday afternoon. Cassie the Cat and I took a little nap and listened to the rain fall against the window. Any amount of rain is so welcomed at this point. Let's hope it keeps going:)

Hope everyone  had a creative week. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. You have done a great job of neutralizing but keeping the dominant leaning of each color. I particularly like the relationship of the water to the sky color.
    Tell Cassie that studio cats are very special and known for their beneficial critiques.

  2. Dear Libby - I like these muted colors. Read your newer post before I read this one and amazing that the same colors are in the family but made more neutral and softer. So glad you are getting rain. I know it is so needed in your part of the country. Hope you had a good nap with Cassie - Hugs!


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