Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Work: Contemplation Columns and Extra Pics

Change in The Weather
Contemplation Columns 14", 12" and 10" x 2.5"

This new set of columns was completed on Thursday and they took a little trip with me to visit my friend and hairdresser for an evaluation. No one except Rich has seen these in person so I need an opinion. My friend has a discerning nature with a solid aesthetic and so I thought she could help. Plus, she is tactful so I knew it would be fairly painless!

While she liked them, her first reaction wasn't of the "wowza" variety. Her input was that the solid colors weren't as exciting as the more textured papers. I also think she was saying that the uniformity of the pattern itself could have been a little more random. I told her about the clear acrylic bases idea that I have and she seemed enthused about that.  She did think they were well constructed. (I am always super concerned about workmanship.) And though these aren't her colors, she appreciated that they are my color choices.  And finally, she is the second person who has told me that she thought these columns were bigger. 

It was good to see these things in place, somewhere else. It's fine for me to have them in my studio-they belong here because of everything else that is here. But I want to think about the columns in another place too, like in someone's house, on their desk or mantle. 

I think the idea of greater contrast between the solid paper and patterned/textured paper is definitely on the agenda. (She may have liked these columns better.) I like the more regular patterning of the shapes themselves that I chose this time. Sides 1 and 3 are the same and sides 2 and 4 are the same with regard to shape size. 

Now, the bases are another story. Clear acrylic bases would be great but they are cost prohibitive for me. I do think they would elevate the idea and cause the columns to appear to be "floating."  I could probably just try a few and see what happens. 

So, good feedback from a live, in-person person. Online feedback helps too (and is another valid tool for me) but looking at pictures is different from seeing something in person of course.

OK, I am on to the next idea. I have some paper selected and will be working on a composition. Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. If your friend is a hairdresser then she is an artist and knows all the art basics of color, balance, texture etc. Good choice for critiques.
    Personal taste is allowed obviously and she was very caring and thoughtful.
    I like the colors. They appeal to me. Very sophisticated and modern - just like the clean shapes of columns.
    Personal taste is involved for me with the acrylic bases. Not sure I would like that as I enjoy the lips of colors I see now. If clear acrylic, the color they would be resting on may not be as aesthetically pleasing.
    So that's my dibs on the bases.
    I like texture so I look forward to seeing your next creations. I do think they look large in the pics. I got a ruler out to see their heights. Are they 2.5 square? Have you considered different thicknesses like you have height? A circle for hanging with your wonderful shapes of color would be a challenge and quite fabulous in your artistic hands.
    Thanks for including us in your journey, Libby.

    1. Julie,

      The acrylic bases have really gotten mixed reviews. People seem to love them or hate them. I hadn't thought about the color of what they would be sitting on and how that would affect things. It's a real consideration when you think about how the columns occupy a space, if that makes sense.

      For the last couple of examples of the columns, I have included the heights. Maybe the next photos will have something else in them for reference and comparison.

      The circle idea is really intriguing. Glad that you suggested it. I was looking around actually for a circular frame, something that wasn't solid in the middle. I thought that kind of shape would be fun and challenging to cover. But, a solid circle would be very challenging too because of those edges. I like the idea of something round on the wall or maybe even a group of round pieces together.

      I have some textured papers ready. I just need to apply myself. My hiking/cooking/cat mom life is competing with my art life:)

      Thank you as always for your observations. Very helpful to me.

  2. Dear Libby - it is always nice to have a trusted friend who will be honest. Looks like you have one in your hairdresser. I like these though Libby - they are clean and neat with lovely colors that make one stop and look. Have to agree that texture will add a dimension to the columns. Like the idea too that Julie offered about a circle. That shape is one you used in some of your other creative collages...will be looking forward to what you come up with next. Many Hugs friend!

    1. Debbie,

      The circle motif is always a possibility. I like it both for a format but also for some cut paper shapes on the columns themselves. We will see!

      Hope you are doing well. We have cool weather right now (very odd) but it's back to 100+ degrees by the end of next week!

      Take care and than you again!


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