Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 Wrap Up Post

1. On The Edge
12" x 16" Mixed Media-paint and paper

2. All For One and One For All
24" x 30" Mixed Media-paint and paper

3. Can You Hear Me Now?
11" x 14" Mixed Media-paper and paint

4. Puzzled
11" x 14" Mixed Media-paper and paint

5. At The Gate
11" x 14" Mixed Media-paper and paint

6. Heart's Desire
11" x 14" Mixed Media-Paper and Paint
March is almost over and Spring is definitely here. Our hillsides are dotted with poppies and lupine and other wildflowers. The sun has been out and the weather has been quite beautiful. As we head towards April, I'd like to share the paintings that I have made this month.

New Work: 

1. On The Edge: This piece started as a small paper sketch. I used some new to me color combinations and couldn't be happier with the outcome. In my mind as I was making the piece, I pictured people taking the plunge, making decisions and leaps of faith.

2. All For One and One For All: I have been reading quite a bit about water scarcity and water insecurity. These topics drove me to create this simple piece in which I thought about our society's mutual interdependence both with each other and on water, such a precious resource.

3. Can You Hear Me Now?: The news about our political process makes me cringe. With the upcoming election, I gave some thought to how we relate to each other and how it is apparently OK to engage in name calling and finger pointing on a national stage. My piece was made in response to those ideas.

4. Puzzled: We are all children at heart I hope! I loved puzzles as a kid and apparently still do. Bright colors and fun stripes and shapes were selected to make something that I hope is complex and joyful, just like a puzzle.

5. At The Gate: This started as a study and morphed into a completed painting. I was inspired by a gate painted purple that I see on my drive through the local town of Linden. You never know when an idea for a painting might strike!

6. Heart's Desire: I have been doing a lot of little paper sketches this month. This piece is based on one of those sketches. Believe it or not, that little orange shape was inspired by the containers at Lake Hogan which hold the life vests! To me, their shapes look like people with raised arms and little feet. Crazy but it's the truth!

What's The Story?:

Recently I attended a seminar in Sacramento. The topic was on managing drought in our state. All of the participants were issued tags that stated our names as well as our company affiliations. The man sitting next to me saw that I am an artist and asked me how the seminar (and water in general) relates to my work. I had a hard time answering him at first. I've thought about it since and want to share two things that I learned. The first thing is that when someone shows an interest in something that you are doing, it's a good idea to be able to articulate a meaningful response. This is true regardless of your chosen hobby. The second thing is this: the question provided me with some much needed insight. It's not that the topic of water shows up as a direct translation in my work. In other words, it's not like I was inspired by a reservoir or desalination plant and then painted a direct representation of those things. It's more like my interest provides the fuel for the work. Think of it as putting gas in your car. You need the input to get some output. So, the next time someone asks you why you like to cook or golf or play chess, make sure you have a good answer (the person is interested after all) and make sure you have some clarity on your own response. It really helps!

April is my favorite month and I am looking forward to some fun things this year. I hope everyone will enjoy some beautiful Spring weather. Thanks for reading and following along. 


  1. Wowza! You are on a roll (I'm new to your work but totally impressed!) Thanks for the great commentary. Your new colors for "On The Edge" really add to the mission of the piece. Congratulations on all your work.

    1. Thanks Carol! Six pieces for March is quite a bit for me and doesn't normally happen. Roll indeed:) Glad too that you enjoyed the commentary. I always try to say what was behind the piece since the work is abstract. I think it helps in the enjoyment of things.

      Glad that you stopped by for a visit. It's appreciated!

  2. Libby having your art all in one post really shows your vibrant work. Especially enjoyed seeing Puzzled. I so love puzzles. The stripes keep me moving around. As for being able to relate how one's work relates to a certain subject is food for thought. Not sure how I would answer this question either. Thanks for the tip to be prepared. So good to see how productive you have been this past month.

    1. Debbie!

      Thank you for the observation on having the work all in one spot at one time. It's always easier for me at least to see trends and ideas at work.

      The question that I was asked is really a common one I suspect. I was unprepared which just goes to show that I am very out of practice with talking about my art. Not writing about it but speaking to others in person. So, a chance for improvement and reflection!

      I hope you are doing well. Thank you as always for the visit and comments.
      Talk with you soon!


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