Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015 Wrap Up Post

1. Progress
12" x 16" painted papers on watercolor paper

2. Round and Round
12" x 16" painted papers on watercolor paper

3. The Situation
painted papers on watercolor paper-available

4. Stepping Out 
12" x 16" painted papers on watercolor paper-available
Hard to believe but this year is almost over and a new one is nearly upon us! Like me, I am sure that many reading will review and take stock of this past year. I hope that the reflections are positive. 

My studio time has been productive this month. Several of the pieces are inspired by some recent outings as well as some of the reading that I have been doing. Here is the rundown of the above completed pieces:

1. Progress: Experimenting with neutral colors, this piece uses imagery from my recent trip to the Railroad Museum in Sacramento. If you haven't visited this state park, I highly recommend the trip. For reference, I drew on sketches that I made of wheels and train windows and tunnels. Train travel has certainly come a long way. History continues to inspire. 

2. Round and Round: A second piece done in black and white and shades of gray also draws on imagery from the train museum as well as some ideas from my trip last fall to Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park. Combining ideas is frequently challenging for me and I am pleased with the way that these two companion pieces tie together.

3. The Situation: Very rarely am I comfortable making art that makes a statement, political, social or otherwise. With that said, I can't help but be influenced by the reading and research that I do. For this piece, I drew on information regarding the Zoot Suit Riots that took place in L.A. during 1943. I have provided a link that outlines what happened during that time. It's worth a read if you are unaware of the events. In any case, I came up with some imagery and colors that for me represent some things that I took away from my research.

Upcoming Events: 
During the month of April, I will be participating in a show with two of my art friends. The details will be available in the next couple of months but we will be showing our work at a venue in Lodi, CA. I love the idea of having my work shown alongside that of my friends. Really, there isn't much better.

Apart from the personal satisfaction that I get from being creative, I really enjoy having other people look at my art. I think most people who have a hobby or enjoy doing something want to share it with people who are interested. With that in mind, I will be searching for shows and possibilities for displaying my art in 2016. As opportunities arise, I will be sure and post the information in this newsletter.

I sincerely thank everyone for reading and following along this year. Feedback, comments and the occasional email are all welcomed interactions. Thank you again for supporting my art making efforts. Here's to a positive and happy New Year for all of us.

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