Monday, April 27, 2015

New Work: Refuge

acrylic on paper image size 12" x 16"
Over the weekend I worked on the above piece. I was inspired by this piece by Matisse. The coloration was very appealing to me so I adapted it for what I wanted to do. I took an idea from my Lake Alpine sketches done last summer and gave some thought to the shapes and colors that I wanted to use. I am surprised more and more by my willingness to use the phthalo blue and green in my paint box. I like to knock them back with other colors but sometimes, as above, I use them straight. I guess it is always a matter of balance. The big surprise was a yellow-orange color that I had sort of abandoned. It turned out to be just the thing for what I wanted. I continue to pry at the blues on my palette, trying to make them work. I haven't quite gotten there yet but give me some time I guess:) I do like the feeling of the above piece. I picked the title based on the name of a location on the island of Hawaii (Place of Refuge). Seemed just right.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Thanks for reading and commenting. 


  1. I can see, Libby, how the piece by Matisse would give inspiration. Clever you to see how the coloration could be used in an alternative way. It's a VERY appealing palette, for sure!

  2. Libby- I can see how Matisse's colors influenced this painting. Feels very serene. Actually like your painting much better than his. Once again all in the eyes of the beholder.


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