Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Work and Advice: Lake Tulloch Hillside

Lake Tulloch Hillside 1
acrylic on wc paper image size 10" x 13" matted to 12" x 18"

When people who have greater experience than you suggest something to you, it pays to listen. Even more beneficial than listening is remembering and being able to act on that advice when it is needed. Such was this case this week as I worked on these last two paintings. I have been told on several occasions now to observe and think carefully prior to drawing any lines, shapes or values.  It's really true. My experience so far is that even though there isn't just one "correct" way to do something, often times the first line I draw is the best one. I think this means that I have observed well. When I have to fine tune a line or shape, generally that means that I drew it wrong to begin with or I have somehow changed my mind. I didn't observe well enough or pay attention to begin with. No problem though so long as I catch myself, remember the advice, and improve. And I mention the above not only to pass along to anyone who is interested but also to mention that the few times I have taught sketching to people, I have reiterated this advice that I have been given. It's good stuff and it's free!

The last couple of pieces I have done have involved putting together several  ideas from some very basic sketches. This piece had a photo reference which helped me to correct a bit but honestly, it was the first lines that I drew for my sketch which came through in the finished piece. I didn't see it to begin with but I really like the "triangulation" of the bottom hill with the far bush/tee and the moon. Kind of interesting for me. 

OK, the week is halfway done. I am working on a new piece today and hope to be done by the weekend. Famous last words...

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  1. Another piece I like the shapes as well as the colors.
    I agree with you Libby...the ability to self critique and analys are necessary ingredients to growth.


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