Thursday, January 29, 2015

30/30 Challenge: Day 25 and 27

30/30 Challenge Day 25

30/30 Challenge Day 27
Rest assured that even though I haven't posted every day, I have done something each day this month art related. Sometimes that has been as little as thumbnail sketches of ideas. Sometimes it has been a color study sketch and sometimes I am just looking at photos for possibilities. There really isn't a day that goes by without some sort of arty type thing happening. 

Over the weekend and earlier this week I completed the above two pieces. It's amazing to me just how often the colors of red and green show up in my landscape. The colors are always a variation of red and green too-a bluish green for some oak trees or an orangey-red for the dirt; maybe a yellowish green for the mosses and a more red-red for the tops and tips of some bushes. Our manzanita trees grow here on the sides of hills, out of some very rocky outcroppings. The bark of the trees is a bluish red and their leaves are a silvery greenish blue. It just pays to look around. 

For the above two pieces I tried to start with two complimentary colors: red and green. From there, I dialed the colors on the color wheel towards each other, selecting a yellowish green and an orangey red. My goal was to include the red-green relationship but not have those areas touching. I wanted to see if the relationship would still resonate and how the two other colors would work with it. The red in the first piece looks a little like a bluish red in the shot which it really isn't. While I can't say that I totally hit the mark, I still like the results. The colors all seem to play together nicely. I'll continue to try out this idea-starting with a complimentary pair and then dialing inward-and see what else I can come up with.

Ok, hope everyone has had a good week. And if you are still with me, thanks!

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