Monday, December 5, 2016

New Work: Songs of Weather

Songs of Weather
Painted paper collage on paper
each image approx 15" x 18"

These three pieces were completed over the last two weeks. I started with a cropped version of an earlier piece. (I zoomed in on it and cropped out a section to come up with a composition-thanks Julie!) When the first piece was finished I still had paper left over, a fair amount of it. I re cropped several more sections of the original composition to come up with the other two pieces. My thought here is that there isn't a need to reinvent the wheel. Color and shape can be manipulated endlessly without having to do something new each time. As long as I am interested this is a good way for me to work.

The above pieces were inspired by my ideas of the weather and of my landscape. We have had a lot of gray days here recently. There has been all sorts of weather: winds, rain, cloudy days and lots of cold temperatures.  The landscape here is beautiful at all times of the year but especially so during the winter. The color of the sky accentuates the ochre and red colors of the dirt. The moisture from the rain heightens the colors of the dying oak leaves and other bushes. The water at the lake, reflecting the stormy sky, is a steely gray-blue color. Talk about subtle drama. 

Because I have been out so much or maybe because I have reached for inspiration and come up somewhat empty, I have turned back to the landscape to get things going. There is no going wrong with art when nature's colors are the source of creativity. And while I won't likely turn back to traditional landscape painting, I feel like I can at least draw on something concrete (for me) to create my art. The combination of shape and color allows me to interpret what I see in the landscape. It feels to me like there are some possibilities.

OK, thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Judy! I think I finally have a better handle on getting the colors that please me.

      Hope all is well. Thanks for the visit:)

  2. Ah Libby this new work is something different. Your colors do inspire my imagination to landscapes. The one at the bottom because of the blue shades on the left make me think of the sea. Very striking friend. Hope you are having a delightful week. It is snowing here. :)! Hugs

    1. Debbie,

      Thank you so much for your observations. I was definitely thinking about water and the landscape so I am glad that came through. No snow though! Yikes! Hope you are warm and cozy:)

      Thank you as always for the visit. I appreciate it.


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