Monday, November 9, 2015

New Work: Round The Clock; Computer Sketches

Round The Clock
12" x 16" acrylic painted papers on wc paper

The first piece shown was completed yesterday. I had the idea originally about farming at night. That idea got combined with some other imagery from my trips up and down several roads that run through the orchards here. The idea of contrasting the white with the darker colors appealed to me. The color scheme is somewhat new to me and I am not sure how well I organized my ideas. Rich came in and said that the leaves looked like Spring to Autumn. Alright then. Ever forward.

I have also been doing some sketching on the computer using the simple MS Paint program that came with our initial package of software. The first two images are me thinking about placing one color next to different colors, in different proportions, to see what happens. The remainder of the sketches are meant to help me work out ideas regarding composition. From a visual perspective, I am interested in the "weight" of shapes and colors and how those things combine to create push and pull. Can my eye see something?

 I also read a blog post recently about older artists and the physical demands of creating, such as standing at your easel or sitting for long periods of time or even of how your hands can hurt while using your materials. Like it or not, we will all get older, God willing. What happens when things begin to be physically uncomfortable or if the space in your home becomes limited? The computer or phone could be the answer. I felt every bit as creative making these sketches as I have felt painting actual pieces. The same decisions are involved; the same considerations of color, shape and line selection. The creative process and its physical demands is something to seriously consider. I am not planning on laying down and being frail anytime soon but why shouldn't I exercise all of my options to create work?

OK, hope the week is off to a good start for everyone. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. Wow! Your computer renditions are every bit as spectacular as your acrylic work. Awesome!

    I agree about exploring new avenues for making work. Ever since I went completely digital with my comics, my life has gotten much simpler. Less storage, less supplies, less space.

  2. I really like "Round the Clock" Libby. What your hubby said is true, but it fits with a seasonal year long clock.
    The work created on the computer is just what you wrote... requiring the same creative mental process. I see a lot of wonderful digital work in galleries too. For me personally I would miss the texture.
    If the eyes keep up while aging then you can certainly create with the computer.

  3. Dear Libby- oh what a great piece of art. Love the concept to the farming aspect. So true too because just this week our neighbor was picking the corn in our field after dark. Good thing he had lights on the picker. Perhaps hubby Is correct about the leaves but farming goes on during all seasons.
    As for the computer art it is great. Just a different medium that you are working with- still the same wonderful creative spirit doing the creating. Have a super day.

  4. I like the graphic quality of "Round the Clock", Libby. Lots of great lines, shapes and colors. I agree with the concept of "use whatever works" to get one's ideas to fruition. I have a tendency to use collage for idea exploration because I can maneuver and manipulate colors, shapes, layouts etc. until I find a concept that I want. I think the computer is a wonderful means of exploration and planning. But, as for a finished work of art I prefer the dimensionality and surface texture of paint, ink, clay, etc. toolwork and brushwork - some evidence of a human hand in it all.


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