Sunday, October 11, 2015

M. Graham and Yupo-Sale!

The List:

M. Graham watercolors
1. cobalt teal
2. ultra violet
3. cobalt violet
4. tartan blue
5. burnt sienna
6. yellow ochre
7. raw umber

Yupo pad: 6 sheets
price: $30 + $10 USPS (If I can pay less for shipping I will refund the difference) (this is about $4 a tube plus about $5 for the paper-I used Dick Blick's site for reference.)
email me for purchase and I will send you a PayPal invoice:


OK, I am cleaning out my supply closet. I have some M. Graham watercolors, most of them used gently, and some Yupo paper that is available. The watercolors are artist grade and quite nice to use. You can see from the photo above that the first four are about halfway full and do have my writing on them indicating their transparency or opacity. The last three have been opened but are about 2/3's to 3/4's full. All were purchased this year. As with any M. Graham watercolor or gouache, these may require that you squeeze the tube to get the color and other ingredients "mixed up" a little better-they tend to settle a bit if not used over time. I also have 6 sheets of Yupo left on this pad.

Please pass this email to your friends if you can. It's a shame to let these pants just sit!


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  1. Dear Libby - will pass the info onto anyone who might have a need. I am well stocked on Yupo paper - bought several pads not too long ago and am working on using up some of my older paints. Hope you are having a great day. Did you get any rain?? Hope so.


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