Friday, July 24, 2015

Leporello/Accordion Book 3; Design Findings

 I'll be the first to admit that this third set of "sketches" using the accordion book/leporello format got away from me. 

Disorganized thinking can be a real problem when I want to think creatively. For this accordion book, I had several ideas swirling around and no clear color plan. I did want to sort of take a mental tour through my county and select some general images that were representational. In addition to that I had just received some new paper and was being drawn to using those colors. And finally, layered on top of that were some ideas about our water source here, the drought, and a book I just finished reading about John Wesley Powell. As a result of the mental "swirling" my resulting images got a little more complex than I would like. But, I have a few ideas to build on.

The other thing that was questionable for me was the actual cutting and pasting of paper. I kept wondering if I am getting too far away from painting and too close to crafting. (Please don't write in to tell me that I am somehow maligning crafting. I am not.) I always have my ideas about design in the forefront and ostensibly these "sketches" are meant to strengthen and build on those ideas. They are also meant to be a springboard for paintings. (See my post here.) 

Lastly, it occurred to me this morning while on my walk that because of the format I am using ( a small 4" x 6" field) I am automatically using the side of that small page to build my image. The frame in other words. Overall, I think in all of the instances I have used the white space of the page to surround my main images. Additionally I have also used the white of the page itself as part of the composition. This is a function of cutting and pasting paper to be sure but it is also a result of this little format. 

So, now I have the issue of how to construct these images in a larger format. I am thinking on it but first, a nap!

Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope everyone has had a good week.


  1. You have ventured into an area where i have no expertise, Libby. So I am just going to see, read and enjoy learning as you go long. I think it is fabulous you have discovered something that obviously really holds your interest

  2. Simply put, I think they are great!

    1. Helen,

      I will take "great" any day of the week! Thank you!

      These have been lots of fun and very instructive. I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface though so I am going to keep plugging along.

      Always glad when you visit. Thanks again!

  3. Libby - I think you are working from a deep level here friend. Your thoughts about the environment and the drought show a concern for nature and the world we live in. As always I look for your circle of me it represent hope. I certainly love these accordion books. The colors you choose also seem to represent earth's hues. They are great!!

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