Friday, June 12, 2015

New Work: Breaking Through

Breaking Through
acrylic on paper 12" x 16"
Before I left on vacation I completed the above piece. Because I tend to think all of the time about pieces I would like to paint I have in my mind that I have painted the Hogan Lake rocks lots of times! Not true! We have huge rocks here, boulder size and smaller that people refer to as "tombstone" rocks. I have written about them before and probably painted them at some point, I just don't remember. 

Anyway, I closed in on this set of rocks a few months ago while at the lake. I was taking lots of photos and since rocks and their groupings are a favorite subject I ended up with many different shots.  Though I am not sure about the results it's likely that I will revisit the rocks again. I am happy with the colors which I decided to push a bit. I stylized some of the green areas of growth that were still showing and also left out the far shoreline. The piece has a sort of circular feel to me and I like that. Lake Hogan is a giant bowl of sorts that was filled in when the dam was created. The place has a "scooped out" feel to it, for me anyway. And the colors are very red at times, very orange-red or yellow-orange at other times. But, if a person didn't know the area I think the idea of a place in general can come through.

OK, hope everyone had a good week. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Just a mid month announcement/reminder that I will be participating in the Art on The Lawn show at Hovey Winery this coming Saturday, June 20th. This art show is part of the larger event, Behind The Bottle, which is an annual food and wine tasting event here in Calaveras County. The event is a great opportunity to try local foods and wines and to get an idea of how fun our county can be. Additionally, there are lovely stores to shop in here at Murphys and of course, there will be art on display and for purchase at Hovey Winery. Along with many other artists, I will be set up with my paintings for sale on the grounds of Hovey Winery. Please consider stopping by if you can to say hello, to sample some wine and to enjoy what is sure to be a beautiful day. Ticket purchase information (the price is extremely reasonable given the wines you can try) is located at the link provided for the Behind The Bottle event. 

Thank you again and I hope to see some of you there!


  1. Hello Libby! When I look at your abstract paintings, it's so interesting to me to imagine how you get what you see down on canvas to just a few shapes, colors and textures. I think you have changed how the way I look at boulders and rocks!

    I wish you great success at your upcoming show. I have not been brave enough to tackle regular show-going, but it I should. I know it's a great way to find homes for our work, meet collectors and other artists, and relax in the sun. Have fun Libby!

  2. There's a very nice balance in this one for me, Libby. The rocks give me an impression of weight,strength and solidity. But, you have added that little strip of green next to the rocks that appears light in color and weight and has movement with the ups and downs of its edges. I love these contrasts you've depicted.

  3. Dear Libby- your Breaking Through painting does have a circular feel. It especially translates that way in the foreground. I also think you captured the atmospheric perspective with the warmer colors in the forefront and the cooler tones in the background. One gets the sense of size to of those rocks. Your interpretation is so expressive. Wishing you great success to at the Hovey Winery. Sounds like a wonderful event. Wish I could be there. Maybe someday!

  4. Great painting, Libby! Congratulations on your new show


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