Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Work: Lenten Moon

Lenten Moon 
Image size 9" x 12" acrylic on paper
For the record, I can't get Blogger to upload my photo without the distortion of color. The sky is actually a little lighter than shown above and the moon is a little more of a red-orange and not a golden yellow. 

The above piece is based on a quick glance out of my window that I took the other morning. The moon was quite full and just in passing, the morning sky was a sort of bluish/lavender/gray. I simplified everything down to straight horizontal shapes to represent hills, ground and the base of the sky at the horizon. I love that the moon shape is smack dab in the middle of things. Who says that you can't do that?

The title of the piece is the actual name of the moon that appeared around March 5-6. It's a Lenten moon, so called by early Christians because it appeared in the time of Lent. It also goes by the name of Worm Moon which didn't seem so great for a title.

OK, hope everyone is having a good week so far. Beautiful weather here with a chance of sprinkles later this week. Not much but it is something.


  1. I love these colours just the way they are, but the original is probably just as good. It may help to go in settings on blogger and there should be a box somewhere for optimzing images. Tick or untick. Then you probably need to reload to see the changes rather than just saving. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Sea! I wasn't able to do what you suggested in Blogger. Perhaps I am using a different version? Hard to say.

    Your visit is appreciated. Hope you are well:)

  3. Dear Libby - sorry about your trouble with blogger. I still was able to appreciate this work. I too like the fact that the moon was right in the middle. Such a great job capturing the simple lines. I am certainly enjoying seeing these works my friend. Glad you are getting a few sprinkles.


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