Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Work: Across Double Springs

Across Double Springs
acrylic on wc paper 9" x 12"
Only eight shapes here and I had a hard time putting them together. Don't ever believe anyone who says that abstract semi representational work is easy!

The idea for this piece came together as Rich and I were driving to Murphys last weekend. Right now our hills are very green. (My BIl has said that it looks like Ireland!) I wanted to accent the greenness of the scenery and the hills up against the mountains and so this is what came of that idea. For my inspiration scene, I took a sketch that I did a few days ago of the land around the Double Springs historical marker. The view is of the flat land, hills and mountains beyond looking towards the town of San Andreas. I compacted things to just focus on the hills and mountains with a touch of fog in the background.

Another thought that I have been having concerns the light around here and expressing that through color. It's hard to describe but there is a "whiteness" to things-maybe a deep contrast between light and dark.  Trees are deeply green and the light from the sky seems white as I mentioned above. I can sort of see the idea in my mind's eye. In any case, I am going to continue to work on translating this feeling through color and shape. Maybe something great will come of it!

OK, hope the week is off to a good start for everyone. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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