Friday, February 20, 2015

New Work: Moon Rise and Fall

Moon Rise and Fall
Acrylic on wc paper 9" x 12" matted to 12" x 16"
I drive back to the Bay Area fairly frequently. My father is there and I have friends and family that live there too. Recently, while helping my dad, I have been back and forth a lot. The drive can be tiring but it's always interesting to me, particularly during the morning. Leaving the house sometimes around 7AM, I am privileged to be able to see the sun rise over the fields and mountains. The sight is never old or tiresome. Many times the air is filled with either fog or haze or some other kind of particulate matter. Whatever is in the air distorts the color of the light and everything else that the light falls on. The effects are varied and quite wonderful; you just have to look.

For the above piece I was inspired by the sky and long view to the mountains and hills outside of Tracy. As I looked towards the Altamont Pass and the mountains that surround it, the sky was a beautiful lavender color. The sun was coming up but the moon was still visible in the sky. These towers sat in the distance, looming over the fields and businesses below them. Inspiration for art making is everywhere. You just have to pay attention and then do it!

I looked for some quotes and poetry about the moon.

“The moon in her chariot of pearl” 
― Oscar WildeThe Nightingale and the Rose
The Moon is distant from the Sea --
And yet, with Amber Hands --
She leads Him -- docile as a Boy --
Along appointed Sands --

He never misses a Degree --
Obedient to Her Eye
He comes just so far -- toward the Town --
Just so far -- goes away --

Oh, Signor, Thine, the Amber Hand --
And mine -- the distant Sea --
Obedient to the least command
Thine eye impose on me --



  2. This is the best yet of your current series of work- the simple shapes and colors work together beautifully.

  3. lovely to find out the background for this exceptional painting!

  4. I concur with all the above comments. Really spectacular piece you've created.
    I like too how your blog design seems to reflect your current path in painting. Simple, contemporary, sophisticated.
    (I loved your old blog design too but the change works.)
    Inspiring Libby as always. I love seeing how you grow as an artist.

  5. I can not help but see this new style of yours as working really well as fiber art.....the shapes so simple they could easily be translated into an art quilt.

    Inspiration is everywhere and you are surrounded by it. I was grumbling about having to make a second trip into town today and as I drove there two bald eagles flew right above my car and continued to fly as if enjoying their time together. I would have missed them had I not gone.

  6. Your painting perfectly portrays the scene that you described for your morning drive along the bay. I was in San Francisco for just one week, but it was SO incredibly beautiful. One of the best days was riding a bike across the bay to Sausalito... and then sitting on the banks in Sausalito, looking back at San Francisco. When I look at your painting, that image comes to my mind again.


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