Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 29 and 30: 30/30 Challenge

Day 29 and 30: 30/30 challenge

Hey, I think the challenge is over! This one was started on Thursday and completed today. My inspiration for the piece came from one of my very favorite places-the Altamont Pass! It's difficult to explain but the hills are quite beautiful-sensual in their curvatures and sloping motions. Right now they are green from the very little rainfall we have received. It looks like someone draped a beautiful layer of green velvet over some soft, organic forms. As I was driving to the Bay Area on Wednesday, I saw the railroad trestle out of the corner of my eye. It occurred to me that I could certainly simplify the trestle into a shape and combine in with the hills and the above ground aqueduct. The shapes were quite fun to put together. I decided to stay true to some of the colors that are actually there right now but exaggerate them to create a stronger statement. I tried to separate (somewhat) the main relationship of violet and yellow. I surrounded that with yellow-green and blue-violet. It's essentially an analogous idea (emphasis on one relationship) but missing a few hues. I am real pleased with the simplicity of the design and the feeling that it gives me. I also like that I combined elements from several scenes without relying on one scene only. 

OK, off to do some other stuff. I am rearranging the art on my studio walls and redoing my website. The three studio assistants are sleeping...

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