Tuesday, January 20, 2015

30/30 Challenge: Day 20

30/30 Challenge Day 20
Look at me, I am up to date! Sort of. 

For this piece, I used a similar coloration to yesterday's piece. I neutralized the blue green color this time which fit well I think with the rest of what I did.  In addition to the above, I worked on some other designs this morning. Abstracting the landscape isn't easy. I feel like I am right on some kind of a border. It's the border between looking at the land, keeping everything in position as is, and assessing what I have in front of me and using that as an "idea" springboard for a different design. It's hard to explain but I guess it is the difference between being literal and figurative. 

January is a little more than half over. For twenty days time, I have eleven pieces. My calendar says that I have had nine days in the studio, give or take. I think that isn't so bad.

OK, I am off to have lunch and do errands. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday.


  1. I should probably wait until January is over, but inquiring minds want to know--what have you learned so far?

  2. We were told at art school that abstract was simply the absence of volume - maybe that will help make it less complex for you,Libby. Design has principles which are easy to use as a springboard for personal interpretation. I hope you are not missing the "fun" element in all this.

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