Bad Art. Every Day

Make art.  Every day! Keep going, keep trying. Things are bound to get better!

After blogging for several years, reading the blogs of others, and having looked at a lot of art work (both old and new), I have come to some conclusions: Life is too short to argue or fret about what you make. This worrying keeps us from being creative as much as we could be (that and your day job). There will be lots of times when your art work is well, not so good. But don't worry! Try to learn, try to improve, and have some fun. If you can't laugh at yourself a little while you are trying to grow then you may as well throw down your brush (or your seam ripper or rotary cutter) and just say goodnight.

The badge below is meant for you if your philosophy is the same as mine. I encourage you to take pride in your work and your efforts but have some fun at the same time. Now, grab the code below, place it on your site and get going! Oh, and tell your friends OK?

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