Friday, February 8, 2013

New Works: Painting and Collage

In The Shadow
10" x 10" acrylic painting on 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas

Constructions #17-framed example
5" x 7" image size

The week turned up a mixed bag of results. The painting that I worked on didn't quite turn out right. I need to work on the trees somehow so I can't show it yet. Rich said the bare branches look like a nuclear blowout. Hmmm... The collage from earlier also wasn't quite right. But, the good news is that redemption is always around the corner! 

The above painting shown was completed earlier in the week. I couldn't be happier with it. All of the forms turned out well, in my mind, and I love the spareness of the piece. The composition and subject matter are just what I like too. 

The second pic shows the collage I completed yesterday.  I am happy with this piece also. Not only do I like the colors but I made the piece in a much more mindful fashion than the piece I showed earlier this week.

I am still reading away in my Arthur Wesley Dow composition book. His writing style is a bit nutso but the concepts come through anyway. This morning I was thinking that it's great to study and learn but you really have to pick and choose what you integrate into your way of thinking. There is the very real danger of taking someone else's ideas as complete dogma and not stopping to think whether or not you really agree. Dow's overarching message seems to be that the rules of composition matter but mean nothing unless you can learn to apply them with a fine hand. Your personal aesthetic, your individual mark as an artist, must come through otherwise you are just copying or following along.  He stresses that your aesthetic is only developed through looking at great art (and bad art too I suppose) and learning to recognize why something works or not. It's what I have thought all along and what I hope I am working for.

On a side note, does anyone remember watching the Lawrence Welk show? I sure do and at the time, being a mere child, I was bored spitless. Now, I find the reruns wonderfully nostalgic and I really enjoy the music quite a bit. The above collage uses the album cover from Winchester Cathedral. Welk was a musician first until he discovered that more glory came with leading a band rather than with just being a member. 

OK, the chicken ladder and walk from yesterday has gotten postponed. I had a nice lunch instead and was able to come home and work on my collage. Good stuff.

Hope everyone had a creative and productive week. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. I really like your treatment of the sky--from very intense blue to a soft subtle blue.

    I bet this orange collage looks great next to the green collage. Welcome spring!

  2. Like the colors in the painting and those clouds are wonderful.

    I wish these collages were bigger because I think they would work just as good if not better if they were. They are so interesting and I can see them being wonderful on a wall.

  3. I found the the painting dramatic and clean. A beautiful sparseness emphasizes the power not only of the shapes of the nuclear plant, but the implication of what they stand for.
    You are consistent with your internal art vision in both your collages and painting. Structure and design are paramount. I agree with Barbara and would love to see your collages in a larger format.


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