Monday, February 11, 2013

New Work and Drawing

On The Trail
9" x 12" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Winter Path-Redo

Line Drawing-San Andreas Neighborhood
What is the saying about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again?

The first pic shows the latest painting, finished on Friday. It is a continuous challenge for me to show an object either flat or with volume or with a combination of both features. It's a real trick of perception for sure and then blending the two ideas isn't easy or maybe even advisable. In short, I had a hard time with the edge of the sloping ground on the left of the painting. Because I am not a realist painter, altering what is there is always acceptable to me.  I did what I thought was right with that edge.

The second shot shows a redo of a painting from earlier in January. I was always bothered by the tree branches-too light, too thick, whatever. In reality, as the branches near the top of the tree, they become smaller and smaller and more densely populated. It's hard to portray that without painting every little branch. My solution has always been to just reduce the tree to a few branches. Well, I asked Rich about the branches (he has never liked this piece) and he said that they were too bare-like a nuclear blowout. Not sure I would have described it that way but his point was that they didn't seem right somehow.  To fix things, I just went for it and painted in what I felt was the idea of the tree. I like both paintings a lot better now and think that I captured the feeling of the scene a little better.

The third shot is the line drawing for the next painting. I go in cycles but I think (finally) that my preference is for a mostly architectural painting with some landscape supporting it. Pure landscapes maybe aren't what I want at this point. (Although a landscape can be very structured and architectural in nature. Maybe I will get there.) Somehow finding a building or a group of buildings and transforming that into what I like is just more satisfying for me. Anyway.

Oh, and I updated my website. View it here if you dare!

So, a potentially fun week if I can just get out of my own way. Hope everyone has a creative Monday. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. I looked for the first version and couldn't find it. I remember I liked the shadows on this one so much, and still do. As for the trees, they look good. Obviously the "idea" of something works!

  2. I see many eucalyptus trees (well maybe not HERE so much) that only have a very few large branches. They are such beautiful trees. You capture the shadows very nicely.

  3. Wow! Busy girl! Well I love everything. Great improvement on the trees in "Winter Path". The shadows and perspective is perfect and I love those low clouds on the horizon. My favorite is "On The Trail" because of the sharp angle of the hillside countered by the background hills. You sketch is wonderful as usual.

    I had to laugh at Rich's description of the trees.

    I visited your website and loved it. I really like seeing your work separated into categories. I also like the ease of use.

  4. Whoa - these are gorgeous pieces!! Your skies are magnificent and shadows done beautifully! You did a great job on "On the Trail" - the road just pulled me into the scene, and I love the other one also!! So serene, and I can just feel the leaves rustling!!


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