Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Collage: Constructions #9

Constructions #9
5" x 7"

Constructions #9-Framing example
Yesterday before I drove off in my car and started my out and about adventures, I completed this small collage. I am so enamored of this style and working with these materials. Much of this process is just like painting and so I can use the basic skills that I already have. And I love looking for the source materials-in this case a very old copy of a book. I saw the colors on the cover along with the text and knew that it was exactly what I was after. You really start to look at books and other things in a whole new light and see the materials in the context of continuity and transformation. Taking a novel that already is a piece of artistic literature, incorporating it's cover (also a piece of art), and transforming the paper(both images and printed text) into a new piece of art is very exciting for me.

The next couple of days are busy for me, by my standards anyway, and so not too much art happening. Well, maybe a little. Who am I kidding?

Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. You made a quick transition from the "scrapbook" look to this look--nice.

  2. Love these last works Libby...especially this one...beautiful---contemporary!

  3. Wow, these collages are fabulous, Libby, and they look wonderful against your blog's background color!! I can tell you love making these - they are so full of color and pattern and look so weathered and cohesive! Great work!!

  4. This is really good.
    Now you have a great one it may be fun to try and make it larger...or not?

  5. Love the colors in this, and the way you've juxtaposed the style and sizes of text.