Friday, January 18, 2013

New Collage and Out and About

1-17-13 Collage
5" x 7" Found Papers

San Andreas-Old Jail and Historical Museum

New Melones-Carson Trail

New Melones Carson Trail

Super Awesome Barn-Gold Strike Road
Yesterday I woke up in kind of a crappy mood. Tired and dealing with a low grade cold/sniffles/dry air issues, I didn't feel like doing much. But I needed to take my painting to the Arts Council and I had a day planned for an out and about adventure. The weather was also supposed to warm up a bit (high 50's to low 60's). Being a crankypants wasn't going to get me anywhere so I sucked it up and got going. Aren't I glad that I did?

The first pic shows my collage efforts from the end of the day. The goal was to Debra-cize the bits and pieces from my leftover collages: just use what was on hand in a thoughtful way. I like the piece a lot and think that it says"Libby" in a good way. Ordered and simple is what I like.

The second pic shows the back of the Arts Council building area. I believe the building on the right is the old jail and the one on the left belongs to the Historical Society. Guess what one of the next paintings will be? I took a shot of these buildings back in November and it doesn't even compare. The light right now is brilliant: long, beautiful shadows and a real crispness to things. Very dramatic.

The 3rd and 4th pics are from the Glory Hole Rec. area in Angels Camp. I hopped onto another section of the Carson trail. This part took me down the hillside through a series of switchbacks and then along the rim of the reservoir. I heard cattle lowing in the distance and the sounds of hawks talking with each other. Very pastoral. There was a freaky hole in the hillside though which I sincerely hoped didn't belong to a fox or some larger animal!

The last pic is a revisit of a shot that I took in November of last year also. Again, the lighting is much better now. I looked at my earlier composition which just didn't suit me. This one works better for me. 

So, a very good day and I am excited about the above ideas. Going out to look at the buildings and land around me invigorates my painting efforts-always a good thing!

Hope everyone had a creative week. Thanks to everyone too for sticking with me through these collage explorations. I know that when the person whose blog you read (and depend on for some consistency)  starts to do other things, that the interest to stay and keep reading is always there. So thanks!


  1. I can definitely see why the above pictures attracted your attention. They look like perfect subjects for your paintings.

  2. Great pics!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
    I like the simple strength of the design in your collage.

  3. Very pleasing collage! Is that the barn near Volcano? You're right about what a perfect picture it is.

  4. Some beautiful photos there. Hope you feel better already.

  5. I love that barn and remember it well. This collage is very nice.

    Looking forward to what you do with the trail too.
    This location was really inspirational.


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