Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Work: Painting and Collage

Hillside Tree
10" x 10" Acrylic on MDF Board, 3/4" profile

Reverse of Hillside Tree
Collage-Found and personal materials

Notes from sketchbook supporting assertions of insanity

Same as above only worse
The last two days have been busy. Thursday was my potluck lunch with my quilt ladies (very fun!) and Friday I went to help my art buddy, Cate, set up her new web site. She lives two towns up from me and above the fog line. It was absolutely gorgeous weather there and such a shame to be inside. But, I feel great about helping her get started with her new site. Self publishing is SO easy these days; I don'y see why someone with even a small amount of knowledge wouldn't consider it.

I did photograph the piece that was finished on Wednesday. (See first and second pics.) You can see that I haven't attached the "d" rings for hanging yet. Boy, am I in love with those cloud forms! Honestly. I always look around to see how someone else would handle shapes in a large area like the sky. Plus I am always looking at the sky in general, trying to see what shapes are there naturally.  My goal was to fill that space, either with shapes or with color and I think I did pretty well. A funny thing happened too while I was taking that photo. I was standing there staring up at the tree and a man came along to ask me if there was a critter up on the hillside or something. I had to admit that I was just looking at the tree and felt sort of silly. A couple of days later, back on the trail, I saw this same guy again. He remembered me and asked if my photos came out well. Kind of fun.

The third and fourth pics show my sketchbook notes from Friday.  I try to write down ideas as they occur. My methods are very complex obviously! I just put a highlight next to the word "idea" so I can find it later. (I have trouble reading my own writing!) I also have a small pocket recorder that I have taken to using while driving or walking. If I think something that I want to remember I just record the message and transcribe the notes into my sketchbook for later. It sounds silly but it works. 

I cleaned out my studio this week. Super bad art work got tossed along with papers and stuff that will never get used. Drawers were organized and the closet got straightened out. I find that cleaning like this, being ruthless about tossing and keeping, helps to free up the space both mentally and physically for new ideas. I have this collage thing on the brain! I also watched a documentary on Georgia O'Keeffe last night. I had never seen her work of buildings or landscapes before and that was quite a revelation for me. Her use of line, color, and shading rather than fussy and detailed adornment is so very refreshing for me to see. Especially that line work. You don't just wake up one day knowing how to do that. She spent years and years being an artist, right up until her death, and what a payback on the effort. No kidding. So, I came away with a new appreciation for her work.

I sure hope everyone had a creative week. Thanks for reading and commenting:)


  1. It's so exciting to watch what comes out of your new interests. The painting has a strong feeling overall yet has touches of delicacy in the foliage. The collages look like so much fun, and I am amazed how many areas of expression you've touched upon - art, science, vocabulary, poetry, etc. Truly delightful!

  2. You threw away collage fodder? Hmmm, you are a braver woman than me!

  3. I too love the cloud forms in your painting, Libby. The whole piece is very powerful. As for the collage - you've just begun collaging (?) and you are so good at it!! I feel like sending you a bunch of paper ephemera I've been saving to collage with, but I still hold on to the hope that I will someday use it!
    As for Georgia O'Keeffe, your work actually reminds me of hers a bit. I love her work.
    If it's any consolation, I've also been known to take pictures of trees for their own sake! They are such gorgeous works of nature.

  4. At first I only loved the sky in your painting which is oh so good! But then as I looked at it that tree became strong and took on a power.

    As for you love them. I love to read them and travel all over them. Great job.


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