Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Collages!

Rainy Days
8" x 10"
Collage-Found Papers

End of Autumn
7" x 10"
Collage-Found Papers and Photos

Did I get up early to look at other people's artwork? No, I did not! Well, maybe. Anyway. I am hooked on Pinterest and can barely stand it. In any case, it has got me going on this collage idea. It's very exciting, this pulling of random papers and putting together as a whole. I cleaned out my studio closet on Monday and have been doing a bit of gathering all week. I never thought collage would work because I didn't have any of those very clever images and text that you see everywhere. Well, I have some news on that front: EVERYTHING is grist for the mill. EVERYTHING! It's all intensely interesting and can you stand it??? LOL! 

I did complete a painting yesterday which I am very happy with. I should be able to show that tomorrow. It has a great collage on the back also. It has been very dark and gray here (in a German Expressionist kind of way) and so there has been no photographing the artwork. But we are slated to clear up (not in a Gaugan kind of way) but enough so I can get a decent photo.

Hope everyone has had a good week. More tomorrow!


  1. Wow - and she's off!! You have yet a new medium to explore - I can feel the excitement in your words!! And your work is fantastic!
    I, too, am hooked on Pinterest - a sort of collage in itself!
    Can't wait to see your painting!

  2. I like your skies alot--looks like the back of envelopes, maybe?

    Collage is an interesting art form. Even if you don't pursue it as your main form, it's good as warm up exercises to get the mind jogging along.

  3. Love how you are reflecting your miserable weather in your work. Sort of like purging all your feelings. We are supposed to have a bit of snow tonite. I am actually looking forward to it but I doubt it will last.

    I LOVE Pinterest too but have to force myself not to go on there unless I have time to waste since I cannot get off once I am on.


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