Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Collage and Sketches

The Daily Mail
8" x 10"
found papers on archival matboard

sketchbook pages-libbyfifefineart

sketchbook pages
Prior to my trip to the dentist yesterday, I sat down in the AM to make a collage. I kept all of my mail and other bits and pieces from the week in a little pile on my desk. It has occurred to me that the mail itself, the envelopes, etc. contain a large degree of writing which is both urgent and dire in its nature. As all the envelopes and slips of paper began to pile up, they created a sense of things needing to be attended to. Some of the words and phrases are downright demanding-do this now (!) or else. And while one envelope doesn't seem threatening, when taken all together, the mound of papers was kind of scary. So, I decided to included the parts that were scariest: words and phrases that were time sensitive and that somehow demanded action or told of something that had happened or was about to happen. It was great fun hunting for words to parse together to get new meaning. I included things that had dates on them, images that reflected the time of year, and things in general that had happened this week and last week. It is fascinating to me how words and images can change and be reinterpreted once they are taken out of their original context and placed somewhere else, next to something else. Great stuff.

The next two pics show some sketches that I did earlier this week. I bought some erasable colored pencils and tried those out. I can't really recommend them over other pencils that are similar, but it is nice to have them to use. Much less cumbersome to carry and easier in the winter when I don't want to screw around with paints, brushes, and water when it is about 40 degrees outside.

Lastly, I finally found a work around for posting my images to my website, which is powered by the Cheerfully Unhelpful at Weebly. The link to the site is here if anyone wants to take a look. The landscape page and artist's info page in particular have been updated.

OK, a BUSY weekend is ahead of me. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I get a lot done. Thanks for reading and commenting this week.


  1. Wonderful idea for a collage. You have a way of making things sort of blend together and then the important words pop out. AND a very green collage! Interesting sketches and I love the way you include notes with them.
    Good luck and hope you have a great Sunday!

  2. yes, your collage definitely seems "urgent" with the words and images you've chosen! It is fun to have a peek inside your sketchbook. In your handwriting you sometimes have figure 8 g's, a sign of "fluid thinking".


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